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Your Project - Your Way

Your warehouse voice directed order picking systems solution

There are many options when it comes to choosing a warehouse voice directed order picking software solution. Options range from a simple overlay to your existing RF picking software, to a full-blown voice-enabled warehouse management system (WMS). Independent of the extent of your technology upgrade, the greatest challenge is to find is a partner who is an expert in voice directed system technologies with experience in all the methods, who will listen to your needs. Voice Beyond can be that partner.

We have over a decade of experience integrating warehouse voice directed solutions for nearly 2000 customers. Our implementation methodology starts with an initial qualification call to learn about your business, needs, plans and pain points. Following this call the next step is for a member of our team to visit you and see your warehouse systems with our own eyes. We want to understand your particular process flows and systems priorities in detail prior to beginning any voice directed solutions development for your warehouse. Also, during this initial visit we will provide an in-depth look at Voice Beyond, let you understand our capabilities and how these projects typically unfold. Our customer-centric focus is best stated in Our Company Promise: We will keep it simple. We won’t sell you anything you don’t need. And we won’t keep you waiting.

We will take all that we have learned and incorporate your supply chain configuration and unique business needs into a preliminary study. And if we can solve your problems and deliver you a compelling ROI, we will return for a 2 day business process review session. This design session is where your warehouse voice directed order system is born. From the specific prompts for product moves or picking tasks your workers hear, to the integration methodology, to the reporting detail your supervisor requires – we work out each and every detail for your custom implementation during this visit. Every process that makes you who you are and ensures that you stand out from your competition will be incorporated into your new voice system. And our follow-up 30, 60, and 90 days after we have integrated voice directed workflows at your warehouses will ensure that you attain the business and operational objectives you set out to achieve.

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