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Maintenance & Inspection

Voice Based Solutions in Maintenance & Inspection

Adherence to regulatory compliance, consistent service quality, and efficient operational processes are the core goals and requirements of organisations providing maintenance and inspection (M&I) services around the world. Whether OEMs, fleet providers, or providers of third party M&I services, the goal remains: maintain and improve service levels, with no compromise on quality or accuracy. 

For decades, individual companies and M&I service providers have been relying on conventional paper-based documentation and manual processes which are highly prone to errors.

Today, a new advanced technology solution founded on proven voice-directed technology used daily in other industry sectors by over a million workers, is transforming M&I processes: Vocollect™ voice.

Applications areas for Voice Based Maintenance & Inspection

  • Vehicle fleet checks - scheduled and repairs

  • Energy sector engineering facilities inspection

  • Aerospace regulatory, rotables and maintenance

  • Utilities facilities management and maintenance

  • Local authority street assets inspection and repair

Voice Based M&I Business Solutions

Labour costs: Voice is a natural and instinctive method for workers to receive and feedback information. Voice Beyond’s Voice based M&I solution is a low cost option to more capital intensive alternatives and provides full visibility through management console of workers scheduling, productivity and audit trail.

Minimum Training Investment: Because voice is instinctive and natural, our Voice based M&I solutions require only a minimal training effort for your employees to quickly become effective. Regardless of a person’s accent or native language, Voice Beyond’s Voice based order system solution is universally understood.

Voiced based M&I solution benefits: ​

  • Improved accuracy and worker consistency

  • Productivity enhancement 

  • Better ergonomics and safety

  • Faster training

  • Automatic regulatory audit trail

Maintenance and Inspection

Maintenance and Inspection

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