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Logistics Automation with Voice in Distribution

Integral to the Distribution Industry is being able to effectively, accurately and safely manage your inventory, warehousing, material handling and shipping. This one piece of the global Supply Chain enables goods to be effectively transported to their final destinations. Distribution professionals need to be innovative to keep their costs down, ensure their processes are effective and accurate to minimize expensive returns, comply with Regulations and improve worker safety. Our logistics automation program, with voice enabled processes, will improve your performance in all these areas!

How Voice Enabled Logistics Automation Will Address Business Challenges

The ability to manage and maintain an agile Supply Chain is critical to being competitive. The need to work better, faster, more accurately at reduced costs are vital concerns to the Logistics and Transportation Manager. Complex project requirements and cost containment drive the need for Order accuracy which cannot be compromised as returns are very expensive to accommodate. Voice Beyond’s voice enabled logistics automation program delivers 99.9+% accuracy!

Despite noise and environmental factors, our logistics automation voice solutions are durable and flexible enough to work in every environment. The Voice Enabled logistics automation is on the technological bleeding edge of innovation and efficiency.

Voice Beyond understands your concerns and has custom voice solutions which allow your Warehouse Team to work quickly, safely and more accurately by working hands free. Contrary to RF Solutions which are cumbersome and distracting, Voice is a natural way to work productively and safely. Order accuracy is increased which reduces the expensive costs associated with return processing.

Applications for Voice Enabled Logistics Automation


  • Order selection

  • Receiving, put-away, replenishment

  • Put-to-store and Cross-docking

  • Cycle counting


Logistics Automation Deliver Business Solutions

Labor: Voice is the natural and instinctive method for workers to pick and pack orders. Our logistics automation voice solution is a low cost option to some of the more capital intensive alternatives available. A management console provides visibility into employee productivity and scheduling.

Data Accuracy: Along with the streamlining operations with voice logistics automation, is the opportunity to design your systems to more accurately connect bar codes with product descriptions. In the event of a recall, our logistics automation solution maintains the tracking necessary for lot track and trace.

Minimum Training: Independent of accent or native language, the Voice Beyond solution requires only a minimal training effort (often less than 2 hours) because our logistics automation voice solution relies on the natural and instinctive voice instruction.

Supply Chain Agility: Operations Issues such as Inventory, Purchase Orders, Picking, Packing, Scheduling and Shipping are all afforded multiple control points with our logistics automation systems. This allows you to manage Supply Chain issues such as recalls within the Supply Chain itself.

ROI: Return on Investment utilizing our logistics automation program is typically less than 12 months, and frequently as few as 6 months depending on your unique requirements.

Regulatory Compliance: The Voice Beyond Logistics Automation Voice Solution supports your needs to be able to track and trace lot/batch/country of origin and expiry dates for all of your products. This is an integral step to achieving and maintaining Regulatory Compliance.

SAP Voice Integration: With a wide breadth of SAP® and Voice experience, we can guide you through the differing integration options for your logistics automation, while also delivering best-in-class configuration, implementation, and customization expertise.

Warranties and Service: If your business needs to issue and track Service Orders, Product Warranties, Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs), all with full Management Reporting, we have the customized Voice Solution for your Logistics Automation project!

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