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Voice Beyond and Mountain Leverage Whitepapers​

On the surface it may seem that voice systems are close equivalents to solutions that use RF handhelds. Vendors of voice systems tout that voice is faster and more accurate than RF. While voice is increasingly recognized as the technology of choice for warehouse operations, can the benefit actually be quantified?

Is this claim supported by objective data? 

Anyone using the latest industrial grade speech recognition technologies will tell you that there exists a marked difference between consumer-grade speech recognition software and today’s industrial grade offerings.  


We have identified the top four reasons for this improved performance.

Technology has helped industry rapidly improve service levels and consumer demand is forcing companies to achieve and maintain the perfect order.  The last few percentage points of improvement gains have proven to be significantly more difficult to achieve.  

How can the last obstacles to 100% accuracy be removed?

Industry Whitepapers​

Unlocking Hidden Cost in the Distribution Center

Despite being forced to operate on smaller and smaller profit margins, distribution managers are still tasked with uncovering cost savings initiatives in their existing operations. “Unlocking Hidden Cost in the Distribution Center” surveys managers within the UK, Germany, France and North America and illustrates how they are evaluating their current processes and technology to help identify areas for efficiency improvements. Learn how much the average company loses due to mispickes, when they last conducted a full review, and more in this study.

A User’s Perspective on Distribution Technology Alternatives

This study conducted by Supply Chain Digest early this year shows the views of over 150 industry respondents about the range of technologies available in the distribution environment. Learn more about the opinions shared by these individuals and the ever increasing adoption of voice automation.

Voice Technology Meets the eCommerce Distribution Challenge

This paper examines the pain points and planned solutions of over 150 warehousing operations that have, or plan to, invest in voice technology and how these companies plan to tackle their future challenges. Also included is a look in on how voice technology changed the way that the E-Commerce industry run their warehouses.

Choices for Speech Recognition Technology in the Warehouse

This paper discusses the basics of computer-based speech recognisers. It also reviews the challenges of maximising performance of these speech recognisers. It includes a discussion of technology choices based on the needs of warehouse employees using this technology, and calculates the cost of errors by speech recognisers in a warehouse or distribution centre environment and the cost benefits of using a “trained” speech recogniser.

The SAP Quest for “The Perfect Order”

Perspectives from SAP® Customers on Using Voice-Enabling Technology to Improve Distribution Center and Warehouse Operations

Making the Business Case for ROI with Vocollect

This paper provides a tool to help you engage your potentially risk-averse leadership by speaking their ROI language using a calculation formula to present the operational performance and financial payback from a variety of voice-enabled supply chain automation voice applications.

Voice Order Selection for the New Produce Traceability Initiative

This contains a review of the PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) and the industry-adopted PTI voice pick code, and includes recommendations for Vocollect Voice technology users on complying with the PTI traceability goals with negligible impact on warehouse worker productivity, minimal software changes, and no incremental hardware purchases.

Why IT Executives are Championing Voice-Enabled Work in the Supply Chain...

This white paper discusses how voice enabling technologies are transforming Supply Chains, with paybacks beginning within a few days of implementation. Voice directed workflows are becoming the new standard in progressive warehouses and distribution centers.

Sustaining a Successful Voice Implementation

Any new program faces challenges from front-line workers. Read about best practices for implementing and maintaining a successful voice-enabled deployment.

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