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Instant ROI

Upgrade to Voice With No Capital Expense

The Instant ROI Program, exclusively from Voice Beyond, is a popular subscription plan providing clients with a robust business solution as opposed to ownership of hard assets and license rights. Many of our customers, both large and small, prefer this “Software-as-a-Solution” (SaaS) model because it allows you to capture exceptional results gained from voice technology with no upfront capital outlay.  This monthly recurring investment helps level your cash flow over multiple fiscal years and provides an immediate positive ROI.

Instant ROI and your Voice Workflow Experience

Clients enjoy a best in class voice picking solution designed to meet specific operational priorities to include: hardware, software, 24/7/365 maintenance and support, services, installation, and a complete knowledge transfer program. There are no hidden or unexpected costs.  We partner with clients to create a metrics-based ROI that will be trackable through the end of the program.

Why Choose Instant ROI from Voice Beyond?

  • Avoid the cost of a capital expenditure

  • Avoid the lengthy internal capital request processes

  • Avoid upfront down payment requirements

  • Reduce the risk of investing in ever-changing technology

  • Ensure flexibility and upgradeability with this investment

  • Secure best-in-class fulfillment operations technology utilizing operating expense funds

  • Benefit from a recurring flat monthly payment

  • Enjoy immediate positive ROI

3PL Friendly


This subscription model is particularly attractive for 3PL’s as it provides a flexible and efficient means for upgrading the provider’s logistics technology. The plan can be extended or renewed at the end of the term, or devices can be reused at other sites, or simply returned at the conclusion of the program. Turn to Voice Beyond to help optimize DC fulfillment operations and reap the benefit of this exclusive Instant ROI offering as well.

Click Here to investigate further our Instant ROI Program FAQ.

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