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SaaS Expertise / Implementations

In the past, the options for voice-enabling your SAP® based distribution center or warehouse were limited and performance was less than stellar. Things have changed and the experts here at Voice Beyond can successfully implement an SAP® integration suite to best suit your needs.

As a Vocollect TSP Premier Partner, Voice Beyond is fully capable and qualified to offer the most recent SAP® specific Vocollect Voice offerings.  With a wide breadth of SAP® and Vocollect Voice experience, we can guide you through the differing voice integration options, while also delivering unparalleled implementation, configuration, and customization expertise.

Vocollect VoiceLink WCS

SAP® IDoc’s are utilized as the primary communication method for VoiceLink WCS.  The IDoc interface provides a near real time (2-5 second delay) interface to SAP®. IDocs are supplemented with RFC/BAPI technology when appropriate for even more real time communications.  Utilization of IDoc’s is the oldest and most proven communication technology utilized by SAP®.

Using the VoiceLink middleware solution the voice operators will be isolated from delays caused by SAP® communication latency or failures when posting data to SAP®.  No other solution will allow you to continue warehouse picking and other processes during SAP® connectivity outages.

Vocollect VoiceDirect for ERP

VoiceDirect for ERP allows you to voice enable your SAP® Mobile Data Entry (MDE) transactions.  What this means is that the business logic for your voice operations resides in SAP®.  No middleware server is required for a VoiceDirect implementation, the system runs as an “add-on” to SAP®.

Because this is a real-time direct interface to SAP®, any connectivity or data issues are known immediately by the voice picker.  Issues can be resolved either by entering another input value or by the involvement of a supervisor.

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