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We Are Voice Ninjas

Vendor of Choice for Warehouse Voice Directed Workflow Systems

Our wealth of experience in voice directed workflow implementations (order picking, put-away, replenishment, cycle counting, etc.), across a variety of industries and operations means we’ve seen it all, and our team is well qualified to upgrade your particular warehouse systems for voice directed workflow. If you are embarking on new industry traceability initiatives, have a multi-channel operation, or other unique challenges – we are the vendor that will collaborate with you to optimize your supply chain with voice directed technologies. Whether you’re running on SAP®, your own home-grown system, or something in between, our consultants will maximize the value you get from voice in your existing infrastructure. We can improve productivity, accuracy, and safety with voice directed workflow technologies for all the processes (receiving, put-away, order picking, etc.) in your operation. And we understand that just because a system is small, or “home-grown,” that doesn’t make it any easier on your IT team. We leverage our wealth of experience in voice directed order picking systems to make the process as painless as possible. In most cases the real work on IT systems is only about 5-10 man days.

From custom systems development, hardware, software to enterprise system integration, employee training, and more, we have built our reputation solving complex problems and delivering voice-enabled order picking systems that provide value year after year. And we don’t just stop with your voice directed order picking tasks; we ensure that you maximize your economics by extending the benefits of voice out into put-away, replenishment, cycle counting, receiving – everywhere that it makes sense for your business or warehouse.

SAP and Voice Directed Workflow Systems Vendor Selection

In the past, the options for voice-enabling your SAP based distribution center or warehouse for voice directed order picking, receiving, cycle counting, etc., were limited. Things have changed and we can help you leverage your existing SAP investment by delivering a seamless addition of voice to your already existing SAP IM, WM or EWM environment. As a Vocollect Total Solution Premier Provider, Voice Beyond is well qualified to offer the most recent SAP specific Vocollect Voice offerings. With a wide breadth of SAP and Vocollect Voice experience, we can guide you through the differing middleware or direct integration configuration options to ensure you get the most robust end-to-end technology upgrade for your operation today, and in the future. When we partner with you to design a voice directed workflow system, we build in flexibility for both seasonality and growth. Seasonal increases can be a challenge, but not with voice directed workflow systems. Training time for seasonal order pickers is often less than 2 hours.

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