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Instant ROI FAQs

What’s Included? 

The Instant ROI Program is an all-inclusive service as a solution. All voice design, development, and implementation costs are included, as well as the equipment and software licensing for each operator and 24/7/365 maintenance/support.

Why would I choose Instant ROI?

The pay-as-you-go formula for your automation project is attractive for people who want to invest in new technology using operating expenses (OpEx) rather than capital funds (CapEx). Our Instant ROI is the lowest risk option available for funding a new project initiative. Avoid the balance sheet implications of a traditional CapEx, optimize your cash flow, and avoid ownership of assets that depreciate.

Is There a Contract?

Yes, but with Voice Beyond’s flexible Instant ROI Program there are options. The agreement typically runs for 36 months, however other terms can be arranged, and clients also have the freedom at predetermined points to upgrade, opt out or extend the contract.

How is This Different from a Lease?

The biggest difference between leasing and our Instant ROI Program is that leasing generally implies eventual ownership. The International Accounting Standards require leases to be listed on your balance sheet, capitalized, and depreciated. In contrast, the flat monthly recurring subscription payments do not accrue toward eventual ownership; thus they are recognized as an operating expense more like a monthly utility bill.

Can I add/ drop users? 

Yes, we understand that business fluctuates and you may not need the same number of operators at all times. We have several ways to address this operational reality and we will work with you to determine the optimum set-up needed for a typical year and plan accordingly for the peaks and valleys.

What Happens After the Term is Up?

Flexibility is the cornerstone of this program.  The variety of options offered at the conclusion of the initial term support client flexibility:

  • Renew – Renew the agreement to continue the Instant ROI Program with Voice Beyond for an additional term and receive the newest and best fit voice picking solution upgrades, including both hardware and software application enhancements.

  • Extend – Extend the agreement for an additional 12 months at a reduced monthly rate. As your trusted voice solution provider we continue providing the same levels of “all inclusive” technical support and customer service with no upgrade on hardware or software.

  • Exit – We are certain you will be delighted with the value that voice delivers for your operation. But this is just like a utility agreement and you have the option at the end of the initial term to simply return everything.

  • Buy – If for some reason you decide to capitalize the remaining assets, you are welcome to purchase the solution outright and leverage a significantly discounted investment on your existing assets.

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