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Vocollect Voice

Vocollect Voice, the Worldwide Leader in Voice-Enabling Logistics Automation

Vocollect Voice, a member of the Honeywell family of companies, is the worldwide leader in voice-enabling workflows and has been implemented in more locations worldwide than all of their competitor’s locations combined!

They have been delivering productivity, accuracy, safety, customer satisfaction, and employee morale improvements to customers for over 40 years with their family of logistics automation products. Vocollect Voice currently voice enables over 1M workers worldwide, every day! And they have helped companies save over $20B annually with their supply chain optimization solutions.

Voice Beyond is proud to partner with Vocollect Voice and offer our customers the world’s leading voice solutions. We have been voice enabling businesses with Vocollect voice for over a decade and are proud to have earned their highest honor once again in 2017 in being named a Total Solution Premier Partner Provider.

Vocollect Voice supply chain solutions deliver results. Their customers, on average, gain:

  • 99+% accuracy

  • 25% reductions in labor costs

  • 35% improvements in productivity

  • 25 – 50% reductions in end-user training time

  • 12 month or less payback

Vocollect Voice solutions are not just for paper-based environments. Voice enabling existing pick to light or RF scanning environments deliver measurable results as well.

Vocollect Voice has the most successful track record integrating with anything from IT legacy systems to ERP, WMS, or SAP systems – and everything in between. We can integrate with and leverage your current IT infrastructure to deliver voice enabled logistics automation.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you save money and increase your customer and employee satisfaction with our Vocollect Voice solutions!

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