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The A700 Field Trial Results Are In

The all new Talkman A700 has been undergoing field testing for the past 9 months. It started out with ergonomic field evaluations and progressed on to full-fledged feature testing that is still going on today. This effort has been well worth it because we have validated that customers are really excited about the Talkman A700. Curious to hear how the field trials went?

Here’s what we found out

Supervisors loved the integrated scanner. They sometimes have to incorporate scanning into their workflows because workers may memorize check digits. Now, they can use the scanner at certain parts of the workflow to ensure workers are picking the right quantity of the right product.

Workers love the extended battery life of the Talkman A700 batteries. For workers who are paid on incentive, mid-shift battery changes cost them money. They love the extended battery life of the Talkman A700 batteries. Cool new feature? A worker can ask a device how much battery run time is left so that they can change a battery proactively, before it becomes a nuisance.

Workers really liked the closer fit to the body. One worker said that he often snagged his A500 device on racking, but the A700 has not snagged on anything since it fits snug against his belt. Another worker really liked the fabric holster on the A710 because it completely enveloped the device.

One customer stated that they would buy A730 devices tomorrow if they were available.

One implementer felt that TouchConnect was ‘the best thing since sliced bread’. He was able to configure and pair 12 devices in 15 minutes. This was especially useful when the implementer was making profile changes throughout the shift. He could reconfigure all the devices during a break, rather than holding up workers beyond their break time.

Another customer really liked the ability to scan from the belt, even when using VoiceClient and pushing the button. In their workflow, they realised that they did not need to spend the time required to un-holster and re-holster the A730. They were able to point the A730 from their belt for all their scanning needs, making it much more efficient for their workers.

Click here to meet the new A700. Coming September 2013. Pre-orders being accepted now!

Want to know if the A700 is right for your business? Give Julie a call. 1-866-984-9922×333

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