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“Life is a Bowl of Perry’s” for Mountain Leverage

Mountain Leverage Chosen to Voice-Enable Warehouse Processes for Perry’s Ice Cream Company

GRAFTON, WV January 27, 2014 — Mountain Leverage LLC, a leading total solutions provider for supply chain logistics announced today its newest customer. Perry’s Ice Cream, a nearly 100 year old family-owned ice cream manufacturing company in New York State, has partnered with Mountain Leverage to provide voice-enabled warehouse automation.

“Our entrepreneurial, innovative, “Why Not?” approach fuels sustainability efforts at Perry’s and it definitely played into our decision to go with Mountain Leverage voice,” says Dave Perry, Frozen Warehouse Team Leader. “In 2012 we implemented a recognition program that encourages team members to ‘think outside the carton’ to develop innovative, practical solutions—good for our team members, good for the planet, and good for business. Our bold decision to move to voice is an example of such an initiative. Voice will not only help us get our ice cream in the hands of our customers quicker, it will help eliminate thousands of reams of paper that our previous pick system used.”

Mountain Leverage voice-enabled technology make it easy to automate documentation and standard operating processes so information can flow freely from folks in the field, in the warehouse, and out on the floor, back to host systems like ERP and EMR. By leveraging speech recognition and voice technologies, companies become more efficient, productive, and accurate. Perry’s took advantage of Mountain Leverage’s industry first “Instant ROI” program, allowing them to subscribe to their voice technology as a monthly service.

“Perry’s Ice Cream is a company with a long and proud history… Mountain Leverage is excited to help them continue that tradition by bringing peak performance to their warehouse processes,” says Mountain Leverage President, Alex Reneman. “Because Perry’s is in the frozen foods business, we all agreed they would see significant gains by taking paper out of the equation. When you are working in a -20 degrees F freezer, labels tend to stick to the worker’s gloves. Their new hands-free/eyes-free voice solution will allow them to move through the picking process with ease.”

Perry’s Ice Cream will use the industry leading Talkman A700 wearable computer, SRX2 ergonomic headsets, and Vocollect VoiceCatalyst software. All of these Vocollect components are hands-free/eyes-free, allowing for optimum user experience.

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About Perry’s Ice Cream

Today, Perry’s is one of the two largest ice cream manufacturing plants in New York State. With over 300 associates they make approximately 500 different items totaling over 12 million gallons per year. Perry’s proudly serves its community through sponsorships and partnerships and by supporting local vendors and farmers as 98% of the milk used comes from farms within 50 miles of Akron. The company’s continually invests in its facility to support its long-term strategic growth platforms and position the company for the future.

About Mountain Leverage

Mountain Leverage spent the last decade helping companies maximize the value they get from voice enabling mission critical processes in supply chain and manufacturing. Our teams have years of practical experience delivering solutions, building a reputation for solving complex problems and delivering voice-enabled systems that provide value year after year.

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