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Mountain Leverage Lends Voice on Vocollect’s New A700 Solution

Mountain Leverage weighs in on the new A700 solution, launched earlier this week

GRAFTON, WV September 30, 2013 — Mountain Leverage LLC, a leading independent U.S.-based total solutions provider for supply chain logistics announced today that they are excited to be an official reseller of Vocollect’s A700 Solution.

The new flagship Talkman A700 Solution, out this week, represents over 25 years of gathering extensive industry domain expertise and Vocollect’s ability to combine purpose-built, best-in-class workflow process components to help create a voice solution that meets unique business needs, while maximizing an existing IT investment.

“As a Platinum Vocollect MVAR, we fortunately get to be on the delivery side of some of the most cutting edge technology on the market,” says Alex Reneman, President of Mountain Leverage. “The new Talkman A700 Solution is exciting for several reasons, one of which is it seamlessly fills a void for some of our customers. Many companies are interested in a hands free, wearable voice solution but occasionally, some functions may still benefit from some scanning. Typically, we’ve had to implement voice with various scanning peripherals to meet the need but the A700 allows for hands free scanning- built in.”

The Talkman A700 Solution integrates hands-free scanning with hands-free voice. Companies no longer need to choose between voice OR scanning to gain desired efficiency improvements – this new solution enables both technologies to work in a mutually beneficial way.

Dan Paul, Software Development Lead for Mountain Leverage, says the A700 Solution also offers other new patented features that enhance the work experience. “One of the things we are most excited about is the TouchConfig™ function. This allows new Talkman A700 devices at the site to be configured with the correct network parameters simply by touching them to an existing Talkman A700 device,” says Paul. “Another introduction is TouchConnect™, which allows an operator to pair their SRX2 wireless headsets with Talkman A700 devices with a simple touch. This reduces start-up time at the beginning of a shift to mere seconds. Another perk is the ability to check remaining battery life in the middle of a shift. This way, an operator can save time by replacing it while they are near the dock or supply cabinet.”

The Talkman A700 Solution, which was available for pre-order in August, has enjoyed early success with pre-release customers. More importantly, it stands as an attractive option for companies who want to maintain a scanning element. “If a company is looking to get all the hands-free, eyes-free benefit of voice but may have some need for occasional scanning, the A700 will allow them to keep the scanning factor and still enjoy the ergonomic benefits and productivity increases of being hands free,” says Reneman.

The Talkman A700 Solution:

  • Integrates hands-free scanning with hands-free voice – Companies no longer need to choose between voice OR scanning to gain desired efficiency improvements – this new solution enables both technologies to work in a mutually beneficial way.

  • Fully leverages the IT investment – Multiple devices fit into one infrastructure that companies can expand upon as their business needs evolve. The Talkman A700 devices offer multiple end cap options, and all current and future A700 devices will work with the same chargers, headsets, accessories and other peripherals to enable customers to further optimize their processes in the future as new solutions are introduced.

  • Makes work easier and simpler for IT, Operations, and Workers – The Talkman A700 Solution helps management further enhance overall distribution performance, providing efficiencies for IT, Operations, and workers on the warehouse floor.

To find out if the A700 Solution is right for your business, contact

About Mountain Leverage

Mountain Leverage has spent the last decade helping companies maximize the value they get from voice enabling mission critical processes in supply chain and manufacturing. Our teams have years of practical experience delivering solutions, building a reputation for solving complex problems and delivering voice-enabled systems that provide value year after year.

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